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Reliably identify users while
maintaining privacy and control

An arbiter of user identification on your site, allowing third-party services to identify users in a reliable manner, without compromising on privacy.

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The Privacy Challenge

Privacy is a growing concern for all users on the web

Global and regional consent regulations are evolving and difficult to manage

Continually changing browser restrictions on third-party scripts and cookies increases stress on business and IT

A reduced ability to identify visitors leads to incorrect analytics and a negative impact on user experience

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One in two users are concerned about data privacy
when they subscribe to personalized services

- Adobe Summit 2021

Discover what PrivacyID can do for you

Reliable User Identification

Enable accurate and reliable identification of new and returning users in a cookie-less world.

Privacy Protection

Ensure privacy using protected user identifiers that are unique to each third-party service, and only on your site.

No Disruption

Allow third-party services to access protected user identifiers and continue to leverage their services and data with the least disruption.

Easy Management

Use a single dashboard to manage user identifier access to third-party services, consent management and right to be forgotten requests.

How to market in a cookieless world

Without PrivacyID

Drive Traffic

Your marketing team invests significant resources in generating potential leads and driving traffic to your website through brand awareness, paid searchers etc.

Identify Users

The tools and third-party services you use to engage users, drive conversions and measure performance each work hard to identify new and returning users with increasing difficulty and unpredictable results.

Lost Opportunities

Failing to correctly identify users leads to suboptimal user experiences, costing you conversions and affecting the the usefulness of the analytics data you capture.

With PrivacyID

Drive Traffic

Your marketing team invests significant resources in generating potential leads and driving traffic to your website through brand awareness, paid searchers etc.


PrivacyID works to reliably identify the user within the latest browser constraints and provides identities to authorised services.

Identify Users

PrivacyID has already done the heavy lifting needed to identify users allowing your website, and the services it relies on, to operate as expected.

Drive Revenue & Growth

Onsite user experiences, personalisation, marketing and analytics continue to work as expected.

Key Benefits

Grow your business while respecting customer privacy

Manage using a single platform that balances users' growing concern for privacy with the your business’ need for personalized marketing.

Ensure that user privacy choices are respected, without annoying them with popups or overlays on every visit.

Increase conversion rates with improved privacy and user experience.

Optimize your customer experience and increase marketing performance

Easy, privacy-first, identification of users through to your analytics and reporting tools.

Consistent user experience and marketing budget optimization through accurate identification of users.

Future proof your site from browsers imposing a penalty for lax privacy.

Let users know their privacy is respected

Privacy by design. Identify users only on your current website; no tracking users across sites.

Easily manage cookies preferences for all scripts on the site.

Grant or revoke permissions with a single click with “Forget Me” request integration into privacy consent frameworks such as IAB’s Trasparency and Content Framework.

Make developers’ work easy and effective

A single solution that puts you in control of how users are identified and which services on your site have access to that information.

All identification traffic goes through your servers, keeping you in control and minimizing any impact from future browser and cookie changes.

Reduces effort involved in becoming compliant with various global and regional regulations such as GDPR, CCPA etc.

A simple integration with pre-built modules for supported e-commerce platforms. Other platform integration is straightforward with drop-in code and technical support.

With 88% of marketers citing the collection and storage of first-party data as a “high priority” in 2021, a startup called Fanplayr is stepping in with a potential solution.

- Street Fight Magazine

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